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TEDMEDLive @Laf 2013

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TEDMEDLive @Laf 2013 was a TEDxLafayetteCollege event that took place on April 20, 2013.  The main purpose of this event was to examine different types of relationships between creativity and wellness and the different forms that these relationships have manifested.  Speakers included Christina Unger, Michael Whitman, Zachary Winthrop, Janemarie Duh, and Joseph Concra.  Their talks covered a variety of topics ranging from an investigation of how scientific art and models are used to the influence that yoga can have upon the body and mind.


Chris Unger – Yoga:  A Bridge to Health and Self

When Christina began her journey into the world of yoga, she expected it to impact her body, but never imagined it would change her life.  Christina has been practicing yoga for 9 years now, and though the good times and the bad, she keeps showing up to her yoga mat to laugh, move, and breathe.

Yoga provides Chris with a balance between her analytical and artistic selves.  Chris’s background is in science.  She works as a Nurse Practitioner in Gastroenterology, and holds two Bachelor’s Degrees and a Masters in Nursing.  However, dance always inspires her, and throughout her high school years she studied ballet.  Although her initial yoga experience was in Ashtanga, currently she practices Vinyasa Flow.  This form of yoga allows her to infuse the movement of dance with the breath of yoga.  Christina hopes to use her experience to help students achieve optimal wellness through gaining awareness of body and mind, and finding balance in their lives.


Michael Whitman ’82 – The Relentless Pursuit of Less Invasive Interventions

Michael Whitman is the founder and CEO of Micro Interventional Devices, Inc., a company that concentrates on structural repair for heart diseases.  MID’s technologies help reduce a patient’s time on table and could result in a switch from surgical to catheter lab procedures.

Throughout his 29 years of experience with medical devices, Mr. Whitman has succeeded at market leading firms including Johnson and Johnson, Olympus, Synthes and Power Medical Interventions.  Mr. Whitman earned his degree in economics and business from Lafayette College in 1982.  Since graduation, he has continued to be involved with the college.  Mr. Whitman has given classroom presentations and offered internships for many students.


Zachary Winthrop ’13 – Is Art Still in a Scientist’s Tool Kit?

Zachary Winthrop was a senior at Lafayette College.  Zach graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Studio Art.  He has applied to medical school with the hope of matriculating in 2014.  For two semesters, Zach has conducted Independent Research with Dr. Anna Edlund of the Biology Department.  Their research was on the interplay between science and art, especially scientific models, as well as on a Swedish botanist and artist named Gunnar Erdtman (1897-1973).  They also investigated the use of scientific art and models in research, testing, and public outreach.


Janemarie Duh – A Look Inside:  Mindfulness Meditation

Janemarie Duh, a native of Bethlehem, PA, has been an employee of Lafayette College for almost twenty years.  For the last seven years she has been a systems programmer in Information Technology Services, Network and Systems.  She has a B.A. in History from East Stroudsburg University and a Certificate in Computer Science from Cedar Crest College.

Janemarie has been meditating for more than thirteen years and has been a lay Buddhist for ten, studying and practicing the teachings of the historical Buddha.  She has travelled to Sri Lanka with her teacher, Ven. Bhikku Bodhi, a well-known translator of the Pali Canon into English, and has participated in numerous meditation retreats.  She taught an Introduction to Buddhism class at Bodhi Monastery in Lafayette, NJ, and was a founding Board member of Buddhist Global Relief, a non-profit focusing on hunger relief and the education of girls.  She also had recently began leading a meditation group at Lafayette College.


Joseph Concra – O+ Festivals:  Building Communities through Music, Art & Wellness

The O+ Festival is a festival of art and music wherein artists barter their contributions directly for medical, dental, and other wellness services from art-loving health care providers


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