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TEDxLaf 2012: Redefining We

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WE pronoun, pl.\ˈwē\

We are parts of many “WE”. We are parts of communities and organizations. We are learners and teachers. We are users and makers. We are thinkers and doers. We are families and we are friends. We are our race. We love, we learn, we share, we give, we take. In the end, WE is actually just one: citizens of the world.

Let’s redefine WE.


Christopher Caine ‘78 – Operating in a World of Speed, Transparency, and “Us”

Christopher G. Caine formed Mercator XXI on April 1, 2009, a professional services firm helping clients engage the global economy. Prior to April 2009, Mr. Caine was employed by IBM Corporation for 25 years. For thirteen years he had corporate responsibility for global public policy issues that impacted IBM in his role as Vice President,Governmental Programs. Mr. Caine also served as Director, Human Resources and Environmental Policy for IBM, responsible for public policy issues such as health-care reform, labor, personnel, health and safety, environment, and energy. He has served on the boards of The Center for National Policy, The Information Technology, Industry Council, European- American Business Council, and The Washington International Business Council. He also serves on the advisory boards of organizations including Department of State Advisory Committees on International Communication and Information Policy, The Global Strategy Institute, The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, The Constitution Project, and The Institute for Education.


Niccole Rivero ‘12 – What Can We Learn from Rwanda Beyond the Tragedy?

Niccole Rivero’12, an International Affairs major, was the president of Lafayette’s Amnesty International, one of the biggest groups of student activists on campus. After coming back from her study abroad trip in Rwanda and Uganda, Africa, she has organized a number of projects to “raise awareness for the plight of people in East Africa”. She believes that through her efforts, she helps other people realize that there are very small, very easy things we can all do to help.

Niccole hopes to work for a humanitarian nongovernmental organization in East Africa after graduation.


Michael Whitman – Medical Device Start Ups in a Global Economy

Michael Whitman is the founder and CEO of Micro Interventional Devices, Inc., a company that concentrates on structural repair for heart diseases. MID’s technologies help reduce a patient’s time on table and could result in a switch from surgical to catheter lab procedures.

Throughout his 29 year of experience with medical devices, Mr. Whitman has succeeded at market leading firms including Johnson and Johnson, Olympus, Synthes and Power Medical Interventions

Mr. Whitman earned his degree in economics and business from Lafayette College in 1982. Since graduation, he has continued to be involved with the College. Mr. Whitman has given classroom presentations and offered internships for many students.


Austin Dacey – How Music Plays Us

Austin Dacey is a philosopher, author, and human rights activist whose work on issues of freedom of conscience and expression has been profiled by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC World Service, NPR, and Voice of America. His writings have appeared in numerous publications including USA Today, Dissent, and the New York Times, which ran his 2006 op-ed, “Believing in Doubt.” He currently serves as an adviser to Freemuse: The World Forum on Music and Censorship and in 2010 he created The Impossible Music Sessions, a forum in New York City for banned music from around the world, and The Ethical Ear, a blog dedicated to the moral analysis of the soundscape.

Austin is also a representative to the United Nations for the International Humanist and Ethical Union, and has participated in international debates regarding freedom of expression and religion.

The Precision Step Team

One of Lafayette College’s best performing arts teams, the Precision Step Team was created in 2008 to honor the traditions brought forth by Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations as well as to cultivate and unite the communities of Lafayette, Easton, and the Lehigh Valley. The Precision Step Team strives to incorporate diversity, competition, unity, dedication, responsibility, and personal fulfillment into its performance. The many elements that this organization comprises of are condensed to the four main initiatives that we wish to employ: tradition, honor, interest and entertainment satisfaction.


The Casualty Process

The Casualty Process is an electronic rock project from the Tehran underground music scene. They fill the air with aggressive noises, meaty bass and industrial beats with electro and rock influences. Originally formed by Natch Nadjafi and his sister Cis, The Casualty Process (TCP) currently features Natch on guitar, vocals, and midi controller, and Shayan Amini on guitar, bass, and vocals. Natch and Shayan rose to international notoriety with their previous project, The Plastic Wave, for whom performances in Iran were illegal because of their female lead singer. The Plastic Wave were featured in the first Impossible Music Session in New York City in March 2010.

Living in Iran, The Casualty Process faced strict censorship and repression and are a true testament to freedom of expression. And while we may see many headlines about the Middle East, the truest source of knowledge comes from the people themselves, as experts of their own experience express the struggles of those in Iran.


Thomas Loughlin ‘83 – The Future of Engineering

Thomas G. Loughlin, CAE, is the executive director of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), a non-profit organization that helps the global engineering community develop solutions to real world challenges.

Mr. Loughlin has worked closely with the organization’s board of governors to lead critical enterprise projects, including an ambitious Engineering For Change initiative that aims to bring technology solutions to ease some of the obstacles faced by people living in developing countries. Mr. Loughlin also has led a move to broaden ASME’s international reach, and is dedicated to the organization’s strategic goals, which include development of a strong engineering workforce, and enhancing the voice of engineers in matters related to energy technology and policy.


Ali Darwish – Stories That are Yet to Unfold, Tales That Must be Retold…Egypt

Ali Darwish is a young proud Egyptian who was in the top of his class and graduated from Business School at Cairo University at the age of 20. An entrepreneur at heart who is passionate about startups, he is working at one of the top Venture Capitals in MENA as a Financial Analyst. Despite being born and raised in Egypt, Ali has travelled to different countries like US, France, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia and likes to consider himself a Global Citizen living on this Earth.

Ali was inspired by Lafayette when he got the chance to visit it 8 months ago during one of 7 internships he has completed. During his college years, Ali took part in several student run organizations such as AIESEC and COMET.


Laura Sicola – Redefining Who “We” are as English Speakers

Laura Sicola is the founder of the Sicola Consulting Group, providing linguistic and cross-cultural training for organizations and individuals to meet the need of the global workplace. She has delivered workshops and long-term curricula in areas ranging from advanced business English and intelligibility, cross-cultural acuity, and private coaching for management and other employees of such institutions as IBM, JP Morgan/ Chase, the Wharton School of Business.

She received a BA in international studies from American University, an MA in multicultural education from California State University, and a PhD in educational linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania, where she currently lectures second-language acquisition theory and oversees the MA-TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program.


Arthur Chandler – O Positive Festival: A Revolution for Arts and Healthcare

Arthur Chandler, director of Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson, NY, is one of the organizers of O+ Festival. The O+ Festival is a festival of art and music wherein artists barter their contributions directly for medical, dental, and other wellness services from art-loving health care providers.


Anthony Badillo ‘07 – You Are More Powerful Than You Think You Are

Anthony Badillo graduated from Lafayette College in 2007 with a degree in Economics and Business. After graduation, he went to Wall Street and began working as a financial analyst at Merrill Lynch. After watching the documentary film, “I AM” and becoming involved with the charity “Invisible Children,” he decided to leave finance and pursue a career in education. In June of 2012, Anthony will join Teach For America and become a founding teacher at a new school in Brooklyn, NY.

Anthony Badillo shared his personal story of going from Wall Street to becoming a teacher and everything that happened in between. “Sometime you have to give up the life that you think you were supposed to have, to have the life that you were really meant to have.”


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