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TEDxLafayetteCollege 2015: Roads Less Traveled

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Two roads diverged in the woods, and I-
I took the one less traveled by
And it has made all the difference.

Robert Frost may have intended irony, but his poem popularized “the road less traveled” for a good reason: it sums up an ideology that encourages ordinary people to turn pioneers, practicalists to become dreamers, and conformists to pursue originality. Our 2015 conference brings you a diverse line-up of inspiring speakers to share about the many less traveled roads they have taken.

Our Speakers

The Lafayette Chorduroys

The Lafayette Chorduroys is Lafayette College’s premiere all-male A Capella group. Founded in 1992, the group consists of students from all different majors coming together to make music and perform on and off campus. They are delighted to entertain the local community in a range of genres including pop, rock, the classics, and more.

Sebastiaan de With

Sebastiaan de With lost his job, got divorced and subsequently fell in a deep hole. In this talk he covers how him and his friend Stuart Philkill hatched an idea for a wild ride to the Alaskan Arctic, riding their motorcycles until the road literally ran out at the Arctic Ocean. It details how as humans, we can lose our creative spark which aids so greatly in overcoming adversity in life and how we can regain it by pushing us outside of our regular lives and out of our comfort zone, and how to inspire others with your own unique path through life.

Sebastiaan de With is a freelance designer, photographer and motorcyclist originally from the Netherlands, now living in San Francisco. He and Stuart Philkill created a highly popular photographic narrative of a trip to the Alaskan Arctic by motorcycle that was featured on CNN, People Magazine, Reddit and many other websites.

Carla Blumenthal

It wasn’t until her mid-twenties that Carla realized that she wore armor, shielding her true self from the outside world. In the midst of a breaking point, Carla started tea+purpose (, an organization that helps women to uncover the truth beneath their armor by hosting heart-centered tea groups. She encourages us to identify and release our unique sets of armor, and explains why stepping into moments of discomfort will lead to an authentic life.

Carla Blumenthal believes in the power of a listening ear and open heart, and has an impassioned mission to build environments, both physical and online, that cultivate a deeper sense of self and humanness. In summer 2013, Carla launched tea+purpose, an organization that creates environments for women in their 20s & 30s to connect with their inner lives in community with others. Tea+Purpose organizes gatherings with women from various backgrounds in New York City for self-exploration and action-oriented discussion around fear, anxiety, shame, intention-setting and various other topics. The organization is launching additional chapters across the United States.

Arvin Lal

Arvin Lal debunks the most common reasons (or excuses) that people give for why they won’t stop listening to nay-sayers and pursue their own dreams.

Arvin Lal is the Chief Executive Officer of SHREDZ Supplements, the fastest growing brand in the fitness industry. He started the company with a product and an Instagram account and his since been featured Forbes magazine and other business journals for his exceptional use of social media. Lal has developed and improved upon an innovative business model that is revolutionizing how corporations use social media to reach customers and drive revenue. Arvin took a risk three years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Tim Bonner & Hala Rihan-Bonner

In this fun and fact-filled discussion, Tim and Hala incite us all to think about how food is currently defined in our own cultures and why it is critical to remember how food has been perceived through time.

Tim and Hala recommend the following steps to locally effect change in our food decisions and in how food is defined in our cultures:
Take back our language for food (
Support any business that is truly “local” (
Support Farm-to-Table buying (
Buy Integrated Pest Management products (

Hala and Tim have been university professors and administrators for years. Hala has a PhD in International Education and currently teaches English as a Second Language at Northampton Community College, and Tim has his PhD in Linguistics and currently teaches TESOL to international and domestic teachers in the College of Education at Lehigh University. They opened The Taza Truck in 2014 and serve fresh, homemade Egyptian cuisine throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Torin Perez

Torin Perez believes we each have a unique story to tell. He believes that when we own our stories and go after our dreams, the future will not only be brighter for ourselves; but for the people we love, and others we impact throughout the world. In this powerful talk, Torin draws listeners into his own story — one filled with timeless lessons in self-discovery, building courage and facing fears on the path to our purpose.

Torin is a co-founder of Globally Bold — — a platform he uses to make a positive impact on college students, professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to build successful lives and careers.



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